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I started to play Roblox Legends of speed, recorded from the beginning but unfortunately, I lost the first recording so my first video of the series already starting with some steps and one rebirth.

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Playing Roblox Legends of speed #1 – playing second time

This is a 24 minutes video, I enjoyed playing the game Legends of speed hope you will enjoy watching it.

Playing Roblox Legends of speed #2 – I won the race first time!

This video is a 19 min and 30-second video and part 2 of the Roblox Legends of speed series. If you enjoy the video please feel free to visit my channel and leave your comments please.

Playing Roblox Legends of speed #3 – won most of the races

This is the third vide in the Roblox Legends of speed gaming video series. Hope you will enjoy the video.

Playing Roblox Ninja Legends with cousin – Someone killed both of them

Another Roblox gaming video uploaded today( 11/04/2020). In the video LilBroAru playing Roblox Ninja Legends with his cousin Vigan who was playing the Ninja Legends game for a long time. Both enjoyed the playing the game. Hope you will enjoy too. your like and comment will encourage him.

Playing Roblox Legends of Speed part 4 – Playing with my sister

I enjoyed playing the Roblox Legends of Speed with my sister. this the part 4 of the legends of speed and still we are fairly new to the game.

Playing Roblox game Boku No Roblox Remastered-2020 (playing with my cousin)

This game Boku no Roblox Remastered is new for me but my cousin always plays this game on Roblox want me to join with him. Here I am playing the game with him on my PC, I enjoyed the game and will play in the future. I found three codes on a YouTube live video with ItsBear and collected $75001 cash. If you play this game you can try. watch the video on YouTube:


Playing Boku No Roblox remastered With My Sister and Cousin 2020 Part 2 (Sister played first time)

This time I played the Roblox game, Boku No Roblox remastered together with my cousin and sister. My sister played this Roblox game fist time and we have to guide her throughout the entire video. Hope you will learn few things from the video, make sure you watch the entire video.