My Progress on my YouTube Channel


I created my YouTube channel LilBroAru on 27/03/2020 and uploded my first video on 28/03/2020, shared my video on Facebook. I got 50 views, 3 subscribers and 4 likes in the same day. You can watch my video, “LilBroAru Playing First Minecraft video, Playing Minecraft in Mineplex server” on YouTube or in our videos page on this site.

on the same day I have created a channel art on, edited the  profile picture and about section, created 2 playlists with famous YouTube channels danTDM and popularMMOs and added some videos from their channels. I use OBS Studio for to record and streem and to create my thumbnails.

I have published another video “Playing Minecraft Game With My sister – Creating new World In Minecraft” on 29/03/2020 and shared on Facebook and Twitter. The total number of views went up to 154 and I got three more subscribers.

Youtube channel LilBroAru update 29-03-2020

On 30/03/2013 I uploaded my third video “Building a house in minecraft with my sister part 1”, shared on Facebook and and boosted with Facebook. My total views went up to 174.

LilBroAru sdtatus updade 30/03/2020

I got 230 views 7 subscribers and 3 videos on 31/03/2020 on my YouTube channel LilBroAru. I stopped the Facebook prmotion because that wasn’t doing any good. I uploded the video “Playing Dragons game in minecraft in mineplex server” on 31/03/2020.

LilBroAru update 31/03/2020 – 21 00

My Youtube channel now has 12 subscribers, 321 total views and 4 videos on 01/04/2020. I c reated an advert on google to promote one of  my videos on youtube video, still in review.

lilbroaru youtube channel update 01/04/2020

.On 02/04/2020 my channel lilbroaru has 340 views and still 12 subscribers. my Google advert still in review.

My channel has 362 views, 4 videos and 12 suscribers as on 03/04/2020 my google ad to promote my youtube video, “Playing Dragons game in minecraft in mineplex server” has been approved and my video recived 4 views from the advert.

lilBroAru channel update 03/04/2020 15 00

As of Saturday 04/04/2020 my channel has 453 views, 5 videos and still 12 subscribers. My Google ad to promote the video has been approved and I received 18 views from it and each view cost me 4p.

lilBroAru channel update 04/04/2020

On 05/04/2020, my channel still has 12 suscribers, 500 views and there is no new video. My google ad to promote the video is still running, as of 05/06 we received 22 views from it. I am thinking of adding more keywords and target more countries.

LilBroAru YouTube channel update 05/04/2020

I am happy today because my subscriber count gone up by 5, my channel has 17 subscriber now. My channel has 5 videos and watched 518 times as of 06/04/2020. Google ad still running, received 28 views from it.

My YouTube Channel update 06/04/2020

My channel still has 17 subscribers, 540 views and I uploaded another video, Playing Minecraft Survival Mode with My Sister in a new world – #1 as of 07/04/2020. My add stop running, I don’t know the reason.

YouTube channel update on 07/04/2020

On 08/04/2020 the total number of views has only gone up by 10 views, still has 17 subscribers and my ad is not running. Another video has been uploaded, Playing Roblox Legends of speed #1 – playing the second time.

LilBroAru YouTube channel 08/04/2020

I have creted and uploaded another video, “Playing Roblox Legends of speed #2 – I won the race first time!” in Roblox on 09/04/2020. My total views gone up from 558 to 582 by 24 and I now have 20 subscribers.

My Channel update on 09/04/2020

The total views of all gaming videos are 621 on 10/04/2020. My channel has 21 subscribers and 9 videos. I stopped my Google ad as it is not delivering any views. watch the video, Playing Roblox Legends of speed #3 – won most of the races.

LilBroAru YouTube Channel Update 10/04/2020

My subscriber count is 22, a total number of views 630 and I have 10 videos in Total on 11/04/2020. LilBroAru played with his cousins in the 10th video on, “Playing Roblox Ninja Legends with cousin – Someone killed both of them”. They enjoyed playing together, you can watch it here on YouTube.

LilBroAru YouTube Channel Update 11/04/2020

As of 12/04/2020 My channel has 659 total views, 22 subscribers and 11 videos. I uploaded the video, “Playing Legends of Speed part 4 – Playing with my sister “. You can watch that on Youtube:

LilBroAru YouTube Channel Update 12/04/2020

I forget to get the screenshot of channel on 13/04/2020. My total views on 14/04/2020 is 690, 23 subscribers and I uploaded my 12th video, “Playing Roblox game, Boku no Roblox remastered”. This is my first video ranking on search results and got a few visits from YouTube search. You can watch the video on YouTube:

LilBroAru YouTube Channel Update 14/04/2020

On 15/04/2020 my subscriber count jumped to 25 from 23, total views 715 and still have 12 videos. I have created an ad account with Microsoft and created a campaign to send the visitors to my channel, still pending review.

LilBroAru YouTube Channel Update 15/04/2020

As of 16/06/2020, my channel has 25 subscribers, 741 total views and still 12 videos. I will upload one video to my channel LilBroAru tomorrow.

LilBroAru YouTube Channel Update 16/04/2020

On 16/04/2020 we have 26 subscribers, gone up by one, 759 views and still 12 videos. My advertising campaign approved and strted to run.

LilBroAru YouTube Channel Update 17/04/2020

We uploaded another on 17/04/2020, Playing Boku No Roblox remastered With My Sister and Cousin 2020 Part 2 (Sister played first time). We have 27 subscribers, 785 views and 13 videos. We have to stop the advert on bing becase the people click on the ad did not watch any vodeos.

LilBroAru YouTube Channel Update 18/04/2020

We did not upload any video or take any screenshot for 5days. You can see what happen if there is no consistancy. On 24/04/2020 we have 807 views, only gone up by 22 in 5 days, 28 subscribers and still 13 videos. This is the point where new YouTubers give up.

LilBroAru YouTube Channel Update 24/04/2020

We kind of slowed down a bit but now we picked up the speed again. As of 03/06/2020 we have 17 videos and 28 subscribers. As you can see we have 939 total youtube views in our channel lilbroaru.

Do check this page often for more update.